Battery Discharger

Battery Discharger

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Battery Charger and Discharger
Battery Charger
Battery Discharger
Battery Charger & Discharger

These are available as per client requirement in various industries. We are competent in designing and developing chargers, dischargers and rectifiers for different applications such as refineries, telecomm, petrochemical complexes and remote unmanned locations.
 DC electronic loads are used for testing DC power sources like power supply, batteries, generators, chargers, fuel cells and other power sources. We design and develop latest variety of battery chargers and dischargers. The power ratings are ranging from 10W TO 10KW and are available in 10watt increments and in constant voltage (E), current(I), power (P) or resistance ( R ). Some of our range is available in the following battery capacity such as 6V/12V/24V/48V/120V/240V Batteries, 3AH to 30000 AH Batteries.
  • Charging type
  • Constant Voltage Mode
  • Constant Current Mod
  • Overload Protection
  • AC Power Supply: 230V/415V AC 50/60 Hz